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Retro Tufted Ottoman

Retro Tufted Ottoman

This fully refurbished ottoman is perfect for every bedroom, entrance hall, living room, kids room, hallway… have I missed something? You can put it wherever you like, it will look awesome!

The wooden box i dyed in white, painted inside in white as well, with yellow painted drawers. Fabric used for upholstery is good quality cotton with fun retro design.

ottoman makeover by inner thing

If you want to know how to refurbish a piece like this, check out this tutorial.



Ottoman with Diamond Tufting – DIY Tutorial

Ottoman with Diamond Tufting – DIY Tutorial

ottoman makeover by inner thing

Things you’ll need:

  • driller
  • sander/sandpaper
  • stapler
  • paint/dye
  • paintbrush/ roller/ cloth
  • masking tapes
  • scissors
  • big needle and strong thread
  • fabric
  • foam/wadding/filling
  • filler
  • screws and screwdriver

Making Diamond Tufting

You can use this technique for upholstering headboards, benches, coffee tables – whatever you like. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to do the tufting on a lid of a ottoman.

1. Unscrew the hinges and take of the lid.
Now you have to plan the diamond tufting. It should consist of same size rhombuses. Make a sketch on a piece of paper, determine how many buttons and tufts  you can fit in and then transfer the pattern on a lid surface. Drill the holes in the points of lines intersections.

tufting upholstery by inner thing

If you are using foam for filling, draw the pattern on a foam, make holes in it, then put the foam on the lid,  mark corners of rhombuses and drill the holes (thicker the foam, deeper the tufts will be).

2. If you’re using fiber filling (a took mine from duvet ^^) cut out 4-5 layers – every next one should be a little bit larger than previous one. Put the filling on the lid and fasten it with couple of staples to the lid, just to prevent it from moving.

filling upholstery by inner thing

3. Cut out the fabric. You have to add at least 15-20cm on each side (or more, it depends on filling thickness).

4. Take a strong thread and a big needle, tie a knot on the thread next to the button and thread a needle on the other end. You can use regular shank buttons or upholstery cover buttons.
Put the buttoned needle through the hole and pull it out from the other side. Anchor the button in place by stapling the thread (zig-zag).
Remember to refine the folding of the fabric during the process and to keep the fabric grains straight.

ottoman tufting by inner thing

5. Now it’s time to pull the fabric tight around the edges and secure it with staple gun. First do it quite roughly to position the fabric and arrange the fold properly. Then staple the fabric all around.
After that, do the corners. Fold the fabric neatly and secure with staples.

folding fabric ottoman tufting

6. Because the underside of the lid will be visible when opened, you have to cover the fabric edges and staples. To do that, cut out rectangular sheet from plywood, hardboard, dense thin foam or whatever that will do the job, and cover it with fabric. Then attach it to the lid with glue or screws. I had to screw additionally two planks, to reinforce the seat.

Here’s a video tutorial:

Done! Your diamond tufting is ready, now let’s do the ottoman’s box 🙂

Dyeing and painting wooden box

NOTE: after every coat of paint or varnish wait at least(!) one hour before applying another coat.

1. Clean all surfaces with sander or sandpaper. Remember to wear a mask – old paints and varnishes can be toxic and even non-toxic dust is really nasty. Clean the surfaces with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry.

2. If your piece of furniture is fairly decent and not too old, you don’t have to make any improvements, you can already paint the whole thing in one color.
If not, fill most obvious gaps and dents with wood filler and level them with sandpaper. Then apply one coat of paint to see if you missed any other, less obvious gaps and fill them as well.
The easiest way  to apply the filler is with your finger, pushing the filler into the gap and taking off the excess with a cloth.

filling the gaps filler in ottoman by inner thing

3. In my case I wanted to paint inside of the drawers in light yellow, the bottom and inside of the box in solid white and the outside of the box dye white. If you want to use different color paints, you have to paint the box gradually, using masking tapes.

painting and dyeing wood by inner thing

Here is a short tutorial on how to use wood dye

4. Secure all the surfaces with wax or varnish (at least two layers). I used varnish with matt finish.

5. Screw back the lid to the box.


ottoman makeover diamond tufting by inner thing







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