Headboard into Chalkboard – tutorial

Make your own unique chalkboard from headboard to hang at your home, pub or restaurant!

Thing you’ll need:

  • paints and varnish for the frame
  • chalkboard paint
  • hardboard
  • sandpaper/sander
  • filler
  • rope for hanger
  • driller
  • two pieces of moulding



Dismantle the frame and cut out new boards from a hardboard sheet (you can buy one already cut to the size and shape). Reassemble the piece to be sure that new boards fits perfectly.
Of course if your old boards are wooden, flat or good quality, you don’t have to replace them 🙂

If everything fits, paint the boards first with a primer or white paint, then with chalkboard paint. Apply the paint with roller in 2 or 3 coats (remember to wait at least one hour before recoating and to level off the surface if it’s needed).
You can use spray paint – the blackboard surface will be perfectly even then – but I don’t recommend it, if you’re not experienced in it. It’s not as easy as you think 😉
Let paint dry for 24 hours before using.



1. First, as always, clean the frame with sander or sandpaper (you can also use paint remover but be careful with it – it can contain corrosive substances that can damage wood or your skin!).

2. Drill holes in the frame so at the end we can thread the rope and make a hanger. I already had four holes on each side of the headboard (made probably for bed construction) so I drilled couple of more to make a stitch-like pattern.
Before drilling the hole, make a small dent with a drill bit – it will make easier keeping the driller in position.

3. Now the chalk shelf! I won’t lie, it’s the hardest thing to do in this tutorial but I’m sure you’ll manage 🙂
I used a quadrant and stripwood moulding but you can use only stripwood ones – it will be much easier (no need for mitering).
Cut the stripwood on desired length, then miter the ends of the quadrant moulding (also cut out and miter two small ones for the sides of the shelf) making shelf corners.

Glue all the pieces together, let the glue dry and then glue it to the frame of the chalkboard.
Fill all the gaps with the filler, wipe any excess with damp cloth and then level it with sandpaper.

4. There’s only one thing left to do. Painting!
I’ve applied 4 layers of different color paint. First red, then blue, light yellow and white. Of course you can use whatever colors you like. The end result can be really astonishing, be bold!
After the paint is dry distress it with fine grid sandpaper – do it gradually and be careful, you don’t want to scrape off too much 🙂

Now assemble whole piece and thread the rope through wholes you’ve made previously, make knots on the ends… DONE!

Check out this tutorial if you want to make an eraser for you chalkboard 🙂