Hello there!

I’m Anna and I have a very small business in a very small apartment but very big hopes that someday it will grow with your support (business and the flat! :D). I have two helpers: my partner, that’s always ready to give a good advice and my lovely cat Shy -always ready to play with every single sharp and dangerous tool that I use.

catnip cat toy unique cat toy octopus

Every recycled item that I make is one of the kind – it’s not manufactured, you won’t find it in Argos, you won’t even find two same pieces in my shop! 🙂 That’s because they are made out of items found in a second hand shops that are thoroughly cleaned, painted and/or recycled in any other way.

Toys and other accessories are designed and made by me and verified by Shy (or other animal helper).

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail
and please feel free to visit my Facebook page 🙂