So, what is this Inner Thing?

It’s something special, unique, something that makes you happy and content, it’s restless and your imagination is it’s only limit 🙂

You can call it a soul, instinct, your nature, spark of (any)god – whatever you like.
And I, Anna, put a little bit of my Inner Thing in every piece that I make. Hope that it shows and they’ll bring some joy and love in your lives!

I have a very small business in a very small apartment but very big hopes that it will grow with your support.
Every new piece of furniture is an opportunity for me to grow and learn new things, new techniques, come up with new ideas that will improve my life and, hopefully, yours – that’s why I make tutorials.

Thank you for visiting and browsing through my page. I hope you’ll have a good fun and you’ll feed your eyes with pretty things.
Please, feel free to visit my Facebook page, Etsy shop or write me an e-mail